civil stoneware

this most recent project is one that is very close to my heart. my art degree in college was concentrated in ceramics and i have had the opportunity to launch a line of functional ceramic wares.

it's called Civil Stoneware, made right here at my studio in the heart of the Civil Rights District, Birmingham, AL. i've had the best time prop styling with these pieces... they are super photogenic and unique enough to add that little bit of something special to the shot. take a look an see what you think or follow along with us on Instagram xx   (photographs: Stephen DeVries Photography)

allllll white set build-out

6 flats, some beadboard, trim, white environmental cues, and a new cordless brad-gun later.... magic.

this was a fun project for JoAnn fabrics + crafts shot in Birmingham at Stephen DeVries' new studio. we wanted an all white room to off-set this hero chair placed on a motorized lazy susan. as it rotates, it switches through fabrics.  after finding a pair of cute vintage chairs in Atlanta, i took them to a local upholster who reupholstered the chair with velcro edges. he then created the 7 patterns of diff. fabrics, so we could switch them out on the day. it took some time and finessing, but overall it cut together beautifully. (i'll post the spot asap)

Books-a-Million holidays

i loved propping at Books-a-Million for this shoot. so many unique gifts, i filled up my entire truck with options. Here's to a bright, white, warm holiday season... it really is the best time of the year.

(behind the scenes with Jason Wallis, Celine Russell, Mary Beth Wetzel, Augusta Cole, & Eric Chapman.)