war room // danielle's room

another room that i really enjoyed designing was Danielle's room, mostly because it was youthful, current, fun, and open to smart DIY ideas. she was adorable and truly professional. over her bed, i chose butterflies to signify change and how everything in life changes, but God is a master of making challenging changes beautiful. we purchased frames from the local thrift and spray primed them white, and did the same with faux butterflies from Hobby Lobby.

we shot in each space for a couple of days at most before having to strike the room (empty and reset it). this room was previously a boys room, and would return to a boys room before the week was over,  any wall treatment that would facilitate a quick set up and tear down was always running through my head. i love the scotch paper tapes... they are inexpensive and come in fun colors. so we striped her walls in tape & it turned out fabulous.