candlestick HOW TO

friends, i am so excited!

a few months ago, i entered a contest... the Hunt for Mrs. Meyer's Home Maker and was selected as a semi-finalist among 14 other super talented creatives. if i win, i get the opportunity to collaborate with the folks at Mrs. Meyers Clean Day, a brand i love to use at home and when i'm on shoots. their natural fresh scents are a welcomed calming agent on the sometimes hectic sets & their products are sweet on the eyes so i drop them in the background of a lot of my sets for a lil pop of color. As a winner,  I'd also have the opportunity to work with other well-known DIY// crafter// bloggers that i've looked up to for years. (Grace Bonney of Design Sponge, Paul Lowe of Sweet Paul Magazine , & Maxwell Ryan of Apartment Therapy who frequent guest- post on their instagram) wish me luck guys and feel free to vote for me their website! < daily votes welcome! >

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in the meantime,  i wanted to share with you all a project i featured on the first submission a bit more in depth because the video was super condensed. i love a simple DIY and this one is just that.          

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